Since more than 35 years Bryan e Cherry Alexander tell about the Arctic and the the Antarctic by using their pictures. A unique photo's collection of polar areas. Not only iceberg and Siberian ice, Greenland, Alaska, Scandinavia and Canada, but also aboriginal peoples such as Inuit, Innu, Selkup, Yupik. The bigger photografic storage, always in updating, that includes areas always evolving because of the global warming, that affects both on the human and animal lives. View more
Founded by Robert Pledge and David Burnett in february 1976, in an office in New York opposite Central Park West, Contact Press Images told the world the most important stories of our time. Focusing especially on the need to reinforce the inalienabile existence of human rights, the duty to bring into question the authorities where they are and in the belief that history itself is the battlefield for the pursuit of truth. Contact Press Images agency praises the most important photographers in the world: Annie Liebovitz, David Burnett, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Jonathan Becker, Don McCullin, Sebastiao Salgado, Gilles Caron and Li Zhensheng to list just some important names on the landscape of photography. View more
When created in 1979, Cosmos was mainly meant to syndicate in France reports from foreign photographers and agencies. With the computer revolution and the market changes, Cosmos had to evolve. It bowed to today's necessities adapting to new technologies, and widened its sphere of operations to a dozen countries. Now the agency represents more than forty photographers in France and abroad. A gallery is used to exhibit for the public at large, pictures that are not always published in the press. More than thirty years after its creation, Cosmos survived the medias' upheavals. The agency put its knowledge and experience for the photographers' benefit and allows them to work with complete freedom. Its objective has always stayed the same: favor both the authors and in-depth reports on social issues. Showing the world how it is, photographers always hope to arouse people's awareness and take part in positive changes. Our role is to make their images visible by the greater number. View more
Dalle collected in 40 years the best of all music genres: pop, rock, jazz, blues, electronic, dj set. View more
Founded in 1979 by Margot Klingsporn, Focus agency is the benchmark for the photography in Germany. Focus represents the best phtoreporters in the world, involved in great, international editorial projects. Nowadays Focus, besides journalistic market, has established strong relationships with advertising and corporate. View more
Fotogloria develop and realize individual photographic solutions for companies and magazines, and offer professional and creative support in the implementation - from a vague idea to the sustainable result. In doing so, fotogloria perceives itself as a ga
View more
Founded in London in 1999 by Christina Vaughan, Image Source is a leader agency for "royalty free stock" market, thanks to its 150 partners around the world. View more
Invision Images is an independent photo agency founded in 2006, based in Athens, Greece. Working with a team of photographers our aim is to promote new forms of photojournalism and documentary photography not only from Greece and Balkans but worldwide. View more
Jam Photo Agency aims at collecting artists' and Photographers' works, although presents a trifling step but effective and purposeful in order to display and illustrate these works for the enthusiasts around the world. To name a few of the agency's goals would be the presence of young artists along with the professional ones in this field, and undoubtedly fulfilling this issue in photography could have a significant impact in the development and promotion of photography in Iran. News story and social documentaries would have a considerable priority in Jam Photo Agency while it would cover news events occasionally when the necessity occurs. Based on its credo, the agency would hold the annual exhibition to depict all the year long performances and achievements as its artistic breakthroughs. View more
Since 2005 french agency Myop's photographers are convinced that information is a kind of expression and following this philosophy, they offer their world view through this convinction. Myop wants to be more than a simple photographic agency, to spread images, it's more a place where each author is well-aware of impact and the informative power that is in every image. Myop's photographers are reporters, whether they're working on long documentary project or they're setting up a personal exhibition, they always look at the world in a poetic way. View more
Istanbul-based NarPhotos is an independent collective, established in 2003, with the aim of using documentary photography as a visual tool of understanding and expression. While its main focus is documenting political and social issues of the Eurasian region, the collective provides photography service to international agencies and publications with a wide-range of travel, portraiture, and editorial work. View more
NOOR Is a photografic international agency, that joins skill and perspective of ten photographers, coming from eight different countries. NOOR realizes, with a original and modern view, photographic reportage of topical interest and culture. NOOR's images are published in the most important magazines of the world, displayed in art galleries and collected in museums. The photographers of NOOR are: Nina Berman, Philip Blenkinsop, Pep Bonet, Jan Grarup, Stanley Greene, Kadir van Lohuizen, Jon Lowenstein, Yuri Kozyrev, Francesco Zizola and Alixandra Fazzina. View more
Established in Paris in 1995, with aim of creating the biggest writers' portrait archive in the world, the french agency Opale is a favourite and ideal partner for both press and publishing. Thanks to the great cooperation between the photographers inside it and the writers, Opale boasts an "alive" archive of over 31 thousand pictures. View more
It's name comes from the railway station S-Bahn in Berlin, that as a windrose, joins all the lines from each way. Founded in 1990, today Ostkreuz is one of the most important german agency, constituted by 18 photographers awarded again and again. All have a different perspective, they take interest in different topics, and travel through different ways, but everybody shares the start and the end point, where often they meet together. This is how they deal with photography and reality. View more
The English agency Panos Pictures internationally well- known for its modern approach, is specialized in photographic and multimedia topical reportage. More over than twenty year experience, Panos Pictures invests half its profits in Panos Institute, a non - profit organization that works to represent the poorest people and give them voice inside the international political debate. View more
Photographic Agency leader in Europe on movie theme, France - based, Photo12 has on-line 700 thousands images and a general archive of about 10 millions of pictures. All their images have a certifcate source. View more
SPL provides scientific professional images of excellent quality and careful data. You can select in the archive from 300 thousands and 10 thousands videos, weekly updated. Since more than 25 years SPL works with famous photographers worldwide, by giving images to the scientific and medical community all over the world. View more
Signatures is about pooling together the experience of two professionals in the field of photography for the benefit of around fifty photographers. It is dedicated to the distribution and production of photographic reports on a wide variety of subjects including social issues, daily life, politics and the economy. These reports may be for the press, for institutions or for promotion. Neither agency nor collective, Signatures is a home of photographers, a place of exchange where every artist is given support in each project, the distribution of which is guaranteed by the server - a web tool available for all those who work with images. View more
Tendance Floue is a 12 professional photographer's join venture established in 1991. It's a workshop based on photographer's friendship, free to express to any media without any taboo: such as reportage for newspapers, publishings, exhibitions, collective projects, corporate and institutional communication. View more
Established in Amburg in 1975 by Andre Gelpke, Gerd Ludwig e Rudi Meisel, Visum represents today 150 photographers al lover the world. Politics, current events, portraits, economy, ecology, society, science and journey are the main topics handled to realize photo session for the most important heading in the world. View more